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    We are in the business of among others, Oil, Mining Equipments, Business Consulting etc.
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    Blanic Trading & Projects offers services not only to South Africa but Africa as awhole and soon to venture internationally.

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    A guiding coalition of individual specialisation departments supports by strategic partners, guides the us to Success.

Mining Euipments Products

BLANiC has thepleasure to supply Mining equipment and Lubricants to the African Mining sector. Ourmanufacturing partners, FERRIT , are producing mining machines and equipmentfor 18 years; supplying it to more than 15 countries all over the world. Theproduction programme of the company is focused on the development, production,manufacturing and servicing of the underground transport machines, We alsoensure spare parts supplies, guarantee and post-guarantee service. A brief listof our product is as below:

Equipment for suspension transport: »

Suspended Mining Locomotive DLZ110F-II

Mining Diesel Manipulator SA-MAN-D.1E

Mining Diesel Suspension Manipulator DMZ50F

Electro-hydraulic Manipulator SA-MAN-01

Hydraulic Transport Vehicle TZH8/16

Hydraulic Transport Vehicle NZH2/4

Set of SK Cabins for Personal Transport

Mining suspended cabin DZK20F

Braking Carriages for Heavy Suspension Lines BTs

Beam Trolley NV5

Container K7500

Suspension Line MPD24F

Hydraulic equipment: »

Starting hydraulic aggregate SHA01F

Equipment for railway transport: »

Mining Ground Locomotive DLP140F and DLP140F13t

Mining Ground Locomotive DLP50F

Mine Railway Locomotive P70

Mine Rail Locomotive P70 E

Ground Rail Locomotive PLP50F

Electrical equipment: »

Flameproof Alternator NAF28V/15A

Flameproof Alternator NAF28V/7A

Universal Flameproof Lamp NSU14/28

Universal Flameproof Diode Lamp NSU-D 12/24

Flameproof Press-button Control NTO24V and NTO24V-2

Electromagnetic Valves NEV24VE, NEV24VF, NEV24VC

Equipment for adjusting mine profiles: »

Arched Mine Support Trimmer SK1

Mine Support Bender ODP5

Mine Support Bender ODP6

Equipment for breaking rocks: »

Coal Crushers DUF1

Coal Crushers DUF2

Equipment for transport of excessive loads: »

Electrohydraulic Power Unit EHT180

Equipment for picking and loading: »

Roadheading Machine PSU9000